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BQueek, the perfect pairing: technology + service

We do everything possible to make EVERYTHING easier for you…
Control, book, manage and solve the problems of all your corporate trips with a single tool.

Clients access

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Easy. Everything in a single tool

Visualise, supervise and manage all the data of travellers on a single platform. Forget e-mails and using different apps. More agility and greater transparency for you and your travellers.

No setbacks

Your operator will ensure that with a single click you have your boarding cards, itinerary, transfer and hotel vouchers, restaurant bookings, meeting plans and all the documents necessary in order to focus solely on your trip objective.

Simple and efficient

A trip manager needs to have quick Access to all the information. That’s why our all-in-one platform enables you to see and easily control every aspect of your business trips. Simpler and more efficient processes, without complications.


Corporate trip and expenditure management
It monitors trip expenditure broken down by project, team, date, location and other criteria. It checks the receipts in a single place, when and where you want.

Assistance service

Your travellers are attended to permanently. Anytime and anywhere in the world, our team will attend to them with the utmost speed and efficiency.


Your profile

Manage your data and information.


Consult the trips made or future pending trips.


Self-booking: Accede to make a new booking (flights, trains and hotels).


All the expenditure of your trip account divided into detailed sections.


Contact us by the means you want.


To guarantee their safety, geolocate all your travellers.

Emergencies 24/7

At any time and from anywhere in the world.

BQueek at a click


How does BQueek work?

This tool is designed so that any application and process is registered. You will have total control of all the information. Moreover, the traveller themselves will have their own independent module of documentation and itineraries.

And if I need different access profiles?

We know that on business trips different profiles intervene. BQueek has specific profiles and functions for travellers, organisers, authorisers and possible variants of all of these.

Can I make bookings from BQueek?

Of course. BQueek allows the traveller to book their flights, trains and hotels through different channels:

  • Through our self-booking tool.
  • Direct chat with our agents.
  • Telephone.
  • E-mail.

And consult my history and expenditure of my travel account?

You have available the reports produced by our Reporting team by means of Power BI technology, thanks to which they can control all the expenditure of your travel account, being able to make savings improvements.

If I have an emergency, will BQueek be of help to me?

Naturally! In the “Contact” tab you will find the contact information of the trip management team that processes the client’s trips, as well as our emergency service, which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Will it be useful to comply with my travel policy?

In the “Documentation” tab, travellers can check documents and useful information for their trips, for example manuals of tools or related to their company’s travel policy.

Is everything in a single tool?

Of course it is. The main aim of BQueek is centralisation and the optimisation of time. Having a sole platform where you find all the tools associated to company trips is essential