Business Travel

Business Travel

Business trips for your company

For 20 years, we have managed the trips of thousands of companies like yours. We know that organising all the bookings and paperwork is complicated.

That is why we do it for you while helping you save money and time. It’s as easy as that!

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24-hour consultation

When we say we are always with you, it is because we mean exactly that. At any time and from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Sole assigned operator

You always deal with a sole interlocutor, who knows you and your business. Do you know when the other person offers you exactly what you need before you have even thought about it? Well, basically, it’s like that.

Implementation of your business trip policy

Define your trips policy. Your rules and processes are our guide to offer you personalised solutions adapted to the challenges of your business.

Detailed reports

Monitoring the travel costs broken down into different criteria. Check all the receipts in one place, when and where you want, from your PC or mobile.

Best rates guaranteed

Having available a large inventory of services for your business trips ensures that we can offer you the best prices in the market. We can thus optimise your costs.

Unified invoicing: one sole supplier

Why complicate life? Receive one single invoice for all your purchases and pay one sole supplier. Easier, impossible.

Payment and conciliation facilities

We adapt to your needs and avoid you and your financial team investing your time in conciliating payment and invoices.

Technological innovation

Forget e-mails. A travel operator needs quick Access to all the information. That’s why our BQueek online platform enables us to see, control and process your business trips easily. More agility and greater transparency for you and your travellers.

The BMC Global method

What do you need?

We begin at the beginning.

We analyse your business travel account and study how we can improve your travel management.

A consultant that knows you.

You receive a personalised service, assigning you a sole consultant that knows both you and your business.

We are in love with data.

We provide detailed reports to optimise your travel account.


What is business trip management?

Travel management is the control and monitoring of the expenditure relating to the trips of a company. Business trips may be managed by travel agencies of external business, an internal travel manager or by an administrative professional.

How does a travel management agency for companies work?

Some companies possess the figure of the internal travel manager, in charge of managing the trips of the whole company. When this function is externalised, a travel management company takes care of everything relating to the management of company travel:

  • Book transfers for travellers (executives and all types of employees).
  • Help the internal departments to monitor the travel costs to be able to keep them below the budget.
  • Provide assistance to travellers before, during and after their trips.
  • Select and manage the suppliers and negotiate the corporate rates of the services the company frequently uses.
  • Book group trips.
  • Organise land transport.
  • Analyse the expenditure on business trips or provide expenditure reports to the finance director for their analysis.

Why work with a corporate travel manager agency?

Main advantages of working with a travel management agency.

To reduce costs: this includes accommodation rates, insurance, plane tickets and any other related expense. A business travel agent has, due to volume and experience, a greater facility in finding or negotiating the best offers possible for the company.

Time management: the organisation of a business trip may take a considerable time. If you administer a company, you will not be able to dedicate time booking your business trips. A dedicated corporate travel agent will take on these tasks so that you and the personnel of your Company will be able to focus on your business goal.

Efficiency: a corporate travel management agency can guarantee that your employees travel safely, according to the Company travel policies, at optimum costs and attended to permanently.

Why entrust your Company trips to BMC Global?

Experience: for 20 years, we have managed the trips of thousands of companies like yours.

Integral service: because we design and manage your COMPANY trips INTEGRALLY to save you TIME AND COSTS.

Personalised attention: know you by your name and offering you a tailor-made service is our priority.

We optimise your time, we take care of everything. And you save money, as we avoid unnecessary and inappropriate costs.

A committed human team: more than 130 professionals accompanying you on your trips and corporate events.

The most advanced TECHNOLOGY: control, booking, managing and solving any problem of all the corporate trips from our BQueek online platform.