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Online and hybrid events

Shareholders meetings

Special meetings or in singular locations

Conventions and congresses

Incentive trips

Teambuilding actions


Product presentations

Training and workshops

Family day

We take care of everything

Briefing and technical and conceptual consultancy

We help you in this initial preparatory and planning stage regarding the event: the defining of goals we want to reach, the planning of the space, etc.

Design of experiences and tailor-made activities

To achieve memorable events, we must create unique experiences that are exceptional and out of the ordinary… We help you transmit your message in order to get everyone speaking about it.

Localisation of spaces

For specific events, you need spacious areas to make room for many attendees, and in others, singular spaces that make the experience memorable. We know all of them!

Hiring of support staff

More complex events at a logistic level require transport of the attendees, hospitality services, direct attention in the meeting itself, etc… Count on it!

Correspondents across the world

You can count on our services for your events with global coverage around the world.

You won’t have to worry about anything

Extra services for your comfort: issuing of boarding cards, processing of loyalty card points …

Booking of private displacements

Do you need a chauffeur to accompany you to the different places you want to visit? We hire them for you.

Integral logistics of all the services and coordination with the suppliers

During the undertaking of the event all the professionals involved must work in a coordinated way to carry out the chronogram of activities… Don’t worry about it, we will take care of it.

Production of graphic and corporate materials

Everything you need for the promotion and diffusion of the event, as well as the actions of the production stage or development of the event.

Negotiation with suppliers and budget control

We take care of controlling the expenditure and adjusting the budget correctly with the aim of achieving a positive return on the investment.

Accompaniment during the event

Setbacks and unforeseen occurrences may arise during the event, which may need to be solved quickly. We will be there to solve all of them!

Event tech

Technological tools adapted to each event:

Shall we begin?

Development and implementation of online communication campaigns

To publicise the event we can turn to the social media, influencers and other digital channels. Even a web with all the information about the event and where to channel inscriptions.

Design of specific applications for events, conventions and incentive trips

Forget the conferences where the speakers give their presentations with slides. Today we can boost interactivity with the public to produce dynamic events.

Integration of new technologies in events

Online and hybrid events take place in a digital sphere and remotely and their attendance is virtual. These events require technological support to undertake them.


What is a business event and what are its goals?

They are events attended by a certain number of attendees related to the company or similar. The contents are usually related to the activities undertaken by the company, and have a defined goal, which is included in its strategies and feature in the company’s marketing plan.

We must be very clear about the goals we want to achieve if we want to make sure our event is a success. The most common ones…

  • Motivate the personnel. To achieve a series of established goals and maximum efficiency.
  • Recognition. Through commemorations, events dedicated to the history of employees or their promotion.
  • Team training. To create links between the workers and encourage teamwork.
  • Publicise. Presentation of company innovations, for example, modifications in its products or the creation of new ones.

How do we organise a business event?

Decide on the goal and public of the event
For a business event to be a success we must define its purpose beforehand, as well as the public to which it is aimed.

Budget for the event
The economic factor is one of the most important when organising a business event. Many of the decisions depend on the budget available.

Planning the event
It requires exhaustive planning and every detail must be considered. We must plan all the necessary tasks and the programme of activities.

Publicising the event
Publicity is vital so the event attracts the right public and is a success. You can turn to the social media, influencers or more conventional channels such as radio, television or the press. A website is very useful that compiles all the information about the event and for channelling inscriptions.

Undertaking the event
During the undertaking of the event all the professionals involved must work in a coordinated way to carry out the chronogram of activities. Setbacks and unforeseen occurrences may arise during the event, which may need to be solved quickly.

Evaluation of the event
In this final stage, it is essential to monitor the results of the event in order to see if the goals have been reached and if there are and weak points detected.

What type of corporate events do companies undertake?

Corporate events are powerful external and internal communication tools.

Internal events: they are events specifically designed for employees, shareholders and partners. Contents include information about the functioning of the company, news and relevant information, of possible changes in the company, etc.

External events: they are designed to be aimed at clients (potential or current), suppliers, communication media and other publics external to the company. They are used to publicise, make clients loyal or communicate the brand image, for example.

The most common type of company events may be

Special meetings or in singular locations
Company events that are used internally, normally to transmit information or deal with important company matters: business opportunities, problems to solve, new challenges and objectives… They may be directors’ meetings or team meetings.

Shareholders meetings
Events with common goals with meetings, but more complex logistically. They often require large spaces, transport of the attendees, catering, hospitality services, direct attention in the actual meeting, etc.

Teambuilding actions
Designed to promote values of the company culture such as participation, group cohesion, teamwork and much more.

They are meeting events of professionals from a specific sector to transmit information about a specific subject. They are perfect for networking between the attendees.

Conventions and congresses
They are held so that companies can meet in a specific place and show their products and services.

Incentive trips
Incentive trips are a reward to motivate and appreciate the employees or clients of a company. It is a planned activity that aims to construct and encourage group cohesion or reward a job well done.

Press conferences
These are aimed specifically at the communication media. They are usually held when the company wants to notify, through the press, of any relevant information.

Formal celebrations organised by a company to celebrate an event or any major achievement.

Product presentations
It consists of a meeting for professionals from a sector and potential clients, in which a product introduced to the company’s product line is officially launched and publicised.

Training and workshops
Continuous training is one of the pillars of success of companies. The organisation of a workshop must have a very short yet productive duration. On organising an event of these characteristics, as well as specifying the subject, it is also very important to define its objective.

Family day
These are recreational and leisure activities aimed at the employees and their families. As well as having a pleasant time, they have the opportunity of learning and improving their professional skills, while sharing moments with their families.

What are online of hybrid events?

Online events take place in the digital sphere and remotely and may not be restricted to a sole location as attendance is completely virtual. Hybrid events combine in-person activities with virtual ones that enable boosting the scope and generation of different experiences for the audience.

Why organise a company event?

Corporate events are very powerful and efficient instruments of communication. They encompass from meetings to company suppers, conferences, congresses, symposiums and to leisure activities for employees. Their main use is to establish, boost and intensify personal contacts, both internal and external.

Some of the benefits to be obtained from these events:

Generate and publicise corporate content: the events are very efficient instruments of communication at both an internal and external level. They enable you to show the company’s products or services to current and potential clients, as well as develop internal information campaigns and forge closer links between the employees themselves.

They enable you to improve the image of the company both externally (potential clients, public opinion) and internally (workers, suppliers, etc.).

They make possible and encourage interpersonal relations: company events are a great opportunity to carry out networking, meeting in person clients, colleagues and other professionals.

They improve motivation and the workplace atmosphere: few activities can be more effective for motivating employees and helping them recharge batteries, or combat the stress caused by the daily work routine, than a congress or meeting that combines leisure and work in an attractive spot.

Why entrust your corporate events to BMC Global?

Experience: for over 20 years, we have been managing the trips of thousands of companies like yours.

Integral service: because we design and manage your COMPANY trips INTEGRALLY to save you TIME AND COSTS.

Personalised attention: knowing you by your name and offering you a tailor-made service is our priority.

We optimise your time, we take care of everything. And you save money, as we avoid unnecessary and inappropriate costs.

A committed human team: more than 130 professionals accompanying you on your trips and corporate events.

The most advanced TECHNOLOGY: control, booking, managing and solving any problem of all the corporate trips from our BQueek online platform.