Premium Service

Premium Service

Everything you can imagine (and more)

A special service for VIP travellers and company directors’ teams on their corporate and holiday trips. Exclusiveness and maximum discretion guaranteed.

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A specialised team

The BMC Global Premium Service is made up of a team specialised in luxury and VIP services, organised from the travel arrangements to private security, private jets, trips translation service, private medical services, accommodation and restaurant bookings…

What do you have in mind?

Everything you could imagine

Sole assigned operator

You always deal with a sole interlocutor, who knows you and your business. Do you know when the other person offers you exactly what you need before you have even thought about it? Well, basically, it’s like that.

Totally personalised travel consultancy

Personalised and tailor-made service for VIP travellers and directors’ teams.
Exclusivity, confidentiality and maximum discretion guaranteed.

24-hour consultation

When we say we are always with you, it is because we mean exactly that. At any time and from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Booking of exclusive services

Exclusive complementary services (tickets for events, restaurants, leisure activities…) to make your trips memorable experiences.

Special services in airports

Reserving of VIP room, Meeting Rooms, Meet & Departure Assistants, Fast Lane, Air Room…).

You won’t have to worry about anything

Extra services for greater comfort: issuing of boarding passes, management of loyalty voucher points…

Booking of private displacements

Do you need a chauffeur to accompany you to the different places you want to visit? We hire them for you.

Assistance service for our clients’ clients.

Services of concierge, reception and exclusive attention in airports with the welcome service and Premium accompaniment at the departure, arrival or transit.

Exclusive proposals for holiday trips.

Authentic, exceptional and out of the ordinary experiences… With the utmost exclusiveness and privacy, to enjoy them in total intimacy.

Continuous monitoring

Before, during and after the trip to attend to any wish, need or setback that may arise.

Luggage recovery service

Tracking service of luggage that speeds up its recovery during the first 96 hours.


Member travel designer

They have chosen us to form part of one of the most important networks of experience designers in the world.
This enables us to offer our clients exclusive benefits.

Guaranteed upgrade
Early check-in
Late check-out
Special amenities
Exclusive experiences